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Visit The Robbins House

June, July & August: 11-4
(Closed Tuesdays)
September, October: 11-4
(Open Fri-Sun + Columbus Day)

320 Monument Street
Concord MA
(Located opposite the Old North Bridge)

(978) 254-1745

Peter Hutchinson

Caesar’s extended family
1799 – 1882, 82 years

Peter Hutchinson was the last African-American owner and resident of the Robbins House, from 1852 to1868. A distant cousin of Peter Robbins’ wife, Peter Hutchinson and his wife Nancy married at the African Meeting House in Boston and had six children. Peter “had more local knowledge of wood lots and meadow bounds than any man in town, and much of it died with him”, according to J.S. Keyes. He was a laborer for many people around town, cutting their trees, shearing sheep, and slaughtering livestock. Thoreau referred to him as Concord’s “dexterous pig butcher”. During his time in the Robbins House, the farm lane became known as Peter’s Path, the woods nearby were called Peter Hutchinson’s Woods, a spring was known as Peter’s Spring, and Emerson wrote a poem called Peter’s Field that he later abandoned, and from which material was used in his 1838 poem Dirge.

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