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Visit The Robbins House

June, July & August: 11-4
(Closed Tuesdays)
September, October: 11-4
(Open Fri-Sun + Columbus Day)

320 Monument Street
Concord MA
(Located opposite the Old North Bridge)

(978) 254-1745

The Robbins House was delighted to offer summer tours and programs for…

The Robbins House was delighted to offer summer tours and programs for…

  • Mountain View College Upward Bound Program, Dallas, TX, March 28th

  • University of Michigan, May 20th

  • Nashoba Brooks School, June 3rd
    TRH board members Nikki Turpin and David Lincoln engaged Nashoba Brooks School second graders with activity stations.

  • National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) Thoreau Seminar, June 17th & 24th
    Concord historian Jayne Gordon created this NEH grant-funded seminar on Thoreau’s Concord. Attendees pondered the questions, “How can the Old Manse, the Robbins House, and the North Bridge/Concord River sites help us to understand Thoreau’s connections to Concord and its history?  What did each of these sites mean to Thoreau?”

  • Tufts Freshmen Seminar, August 26th
    For the second year, a group of Tufts freshmen visited the Robbins House – this time with sandpaper, mops, and window cleaner in their hands. Tufts FOCUS, a service-based pre-orientation program, introduces Tufts students to Boston and its vibrant communities through meaningful service.

  • Approaching Walden Teachers’ Tour, July 16th
    Twenty-one educators from elementary schools through colleges participated in the Walden Woods Project’s annual seminar, Approaching Walden. On July 16th, the group explored Thoreau’s connection to the residents of the Robbins House, who are described in Thoreau’s journal through the details of their connections as farmers to nature and surviving off of the land.

  • Concord Academy Real Characters for Real Writers Summer Camp, August 7th
    Taught by Kyra Wilson Cook, writer and former middle-school history teacher. TRH board member Michelle Purrington worked with Cook for this tour, looking at the lives of Robbins House residents, inheritance, and equity to help build stories.

  • Belmont Hill School tour, September 18th
    Robbins House interpreter Joe Zellner reenacted Peter Robbins for students, describing the pathways to independence from slavery to the first generation of free blacks followed by Robbins House residents.

  • AfroWaltham Ugandan Youth Tour, October 19th
    African Cultural Services, Inc. (ACS) is a nonprofit serving mainly low-income African immigrant youth and their families through socio-cultural programs that seek to expand their potential and opportunity. TRH Program Director Nikki Turpin discussed the idea of “belonging” with a group of 25 students ranging from kindergarten to 8th grade: “We took a close look at how the stories of those who lived in the Robbins House tell the greater story of African Americans in this country and the overall sense of belonging.

  • Community College of Rhode Island, October 23rd
  • Bentley University, October 26th

If you would like to bring a group to the Robbins House, please contact:

Michelle Purrington, TRH Lead Interpreter, at


Nikki Turpin, TRH Program Director, at

Group fees are $5 per person, and programs can be tailored to your interests.
Thank you to all our visitors!

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