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Visit The Robbins House

June, July & August: 11-4
(Closed Tuesdays)
September, October: 11-4
(Open Fri-Sun + Columbus Day)

320 Monument Street
Concord MA
(Located opposite the Old North Bridge)

(978) 254-1745

Concord Academy Multimedia Exhibits

Concord Academy History & Media Studies Students Create Multimedia Exhibits for The Robbins House

Students in Concord Academy teacher, and Robbins House board member, Kim Frederick’s spring course spring course, US: Public History, are studying the Robbins House and the history of African Americans in Concord while learning media skills to produce engaging exhibits. The first half of the semester focused on learning about the Garrisons, Robbins, and other 19th-century Concordians. After learning about different multimedia formats, students worked on their own projects, pitched their exhibit proposals – and then voting commenced. For the winning multimedia projects, please visit our website.

Here are the winning projects:
Augmented Reality: Two Augmented Reality (AR) projects are in the works: 1) 3D scanning the interior of the Robbins House to make a virtual model that can allow additional AR objects or interpretation to be “placed” inside the house, and 2) Working with the Concord Museum to 3D scan the items from the Thomas Dugan exhibit to virtually “furnish” the house so that visitors can get a sense of what it would have looked like when the Robbins and Garrison families lived there.
Podcasts: A series of three podcasts: One will focus on Caesar and Peter Robbins, one will focus on Susan Robbins Garrison and Jack Garrison, and one will be about Ellen Garrison. The goal is to produce three-to-five minute podcasts that can be listened to in the house or over the website to give a deeper dive into the lives of these Robbins House residents.
Intro Video: An introductory video that would give context to the house and introduce the themes of the Long Civil Rights Movement, in particular, land ownership, protest, and civil rights.
Immersive Theater: Developing initial ideas and production notes around an immersive theater experience to take place in the Robbins House. Involves writing a script, developing plans for lighting, costumes, etc.
VR Daily Life: A Virtual Reality project to show scenes of daily life in the house, portrayed by actors.

Image above: Concord Academy student Alexander Shiekh pitches his AR project to a classroom of students, instructors, and Robbins House board members.

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